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Mr. Pitts was born from a vision to transform natural deodorant, for the better. 

Odour can be embarrassing, but sweating shouldn’t be. Perspiration is a natural detoxification pathway and an important bodily function. Aluminium-based anti-perspirant deodorants block the natural detoxification process, keeping toxic wastes trapped in your body. 

That’s why we developed Mr. Pitts. Our advanced formula natural deodorant pastes allow perspiration to occur, while keeping you smelling fresh with odour neutralising and anti-bacterial protection all day long. Mr. Pitts is proudly vegan and hand-made in small batches with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. We’re Australian made and owned and Choose Cruelty Free accredited, so you can rest assured we never test on animals. Your health is important to Mr. Pitts, that’s why our formulas are also paraben, phthalate and synthetic fragrance free. 

With two captivating plant-powered scents to choose from, Mr. Pitts adds a touch of luxury (and peace of mind) to your day. 

It’s time to meet Mr. Pitts for yourself. We know you’ll love him. 

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Why everyone loves mr. pitts

Fresh or Active...

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Everyone deserves to have Mr. Pitts in their life. Whether you have sensitive skin or need extra protection, we've got you covered.

Both the FRESH and ACTIVE range are available for men and women.

For those that need a little tlc

Fresh range

Our Mr. Pitts FRESH range is perfect for those who need a little extra loving care in their day. Perfect for both normal skin and the most sensitive of skin types, our formula works gently, but effectively, to protect your precious pitts all day long. With natural and certified organic ingredients, Mr. Pitts FRESH keeps you safe from harmful and irritating chemicals. Forget about aluminium, parabens and any other hidden nasties. The range is blended with pure essential oils, ensuring you can take on the day feeling fresh and confident.

For those with a busy day ahead


For those who take their days to the next level, you're going to need an extra level of protection. Our Mr. Pitts ACTIVE range has been formulated to go the extra mile, with added odour-neutralising properties that will keep you smelling fresh all day. With natural and certified organic ingredients, Mr. Pitts ACTIVE keeps you safe from harmful chemicals. Forget about aluminium, parabens, phthalates and any other hidden nasties. Blended with pure essential oils for a luxurious scent, Mr. Pitts is guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh and confident even on the busiest of days.